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Risking it with Rhetoric: Part One

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This in the first in a series of three posts on a teaching experiment this year. The lessons described and the examples used all come from my mixed ability year 8 class.

Risking it with Rhetoric

The last time I taught a year 8 class was in my NQT year, two years ago. The particular topic for the term was on analysing non-fiction, and I spent a great deal of time looking at the conventions of newspaper writing. The final assessment was on comparing the presentation of David Cameron in two different articles, which presented a pretty good level of challenge for the class. Some of the student’s work, I seemed to remember, was really rather good.

But at the start of last term, half-way through my reading of ‘Why don’t students like school’, I felt that the array of newspaper articles I had used two years previously were not…

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