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Marking: Experiments and Adventures.

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Pedagogical gold!


Apple on files

Marking has a certain quality about it, whereby however much you do, there always seems to be some left. For me, it’s a project never finished. There’s always another set of books, a few scraps of homework, some mock exam questions that I could be marking. There’s even marking in this room, neglected, making each further procrastination seem like a crime against  education.

The familiar problem is that even though marking is potentially limitless, teacher time is verbal feedbackvery limited. I need to find the best ways to mark, which have the most impact on my student’s learning, in the most efficient way. And this probably isn’t slaving away for 3-4 hours marking one class of books.

Another consideration I face is that marking needs to be ‘seen’ to be done, either through book scrutinies or lesson observations. I suspect this need to be seen giving feedback helps explain the proliferation of…

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