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What does ‘showing’ progress mean anyway?

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It is little wonder that with all the regulation within the teaching profession, teachers sometimes feel they need to justify or prove the work they are doing in the classroom. Regular observations, performance management and the need to be ‘Ofsted ready’ all contribute to pressures on teachers to find ways to demonstrate their effectiveness. Now, with the introduction of performance related pay, many teachers will feel a heightened pressure to justify their work, to demonstrate the quality of their teaching, to ‘show’ that their students are making progress.

With all this pressure, it is understandable that so many conversations and resources shared on twitter revolve around ‘showing progress’. And, despite some pretty convincing arguments that attempting to show progress in a lesson is futile,  it still seems to be a very common idea. A google search for ‘how do you show progress in lessons’ yields approximately one hundred and…

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